Sunday, 10 March 2013

Update Lahad Datu : Sultan Sulu Isytihar Jihad Berperang Dengan Malaysia

'Sulu Sultan' Jamalul Kiram III yesterday declared that his fight against Malaysia is a jihad.

But instead of meeting with his generals for attacks or reinforcements, Kiram meets with legal volunteers that could help him press proprietary rights over Sabah in his Taguig home.

“(The end to this conflict) depends (but) we always submit ourselves to the almighty Allah. So meaning, it’s some sort of jihad,” Kiram told Yahoo! Southeast Asia.

But Kiram’s brother-in-law, Abrahan Idrijani, quickly interjected, clarifying the Sulu sultanate is referring to a “legal battle” in insisting their claim of ownership over Sabah.

Idrijani, who also serves as the sultanate’s secretary-general, explained the Kiram clan has chosen a jihad in the form of “fighting for the right.”

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